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The Magneclutch® provides complete control because magnetic particle action makes torque output directly proportional to coil current, independent of slip speed. The Magneclutch® makes equipment more controllable and stable, longer lasting and easier to maintain.

Automatic Tension Control

The infinitely smooth Magneclutch® has no starting peaks. It allows precise winding and unwinding of material under constant tension, taper tension or constant torque, using all types of digital or analog closed loop systems to automatically maintain control tension.

Simplified Material Handling

A Magneclutch® simplifies material handling. Its soft starting through infinitely smooth torque control eliminates load shifting, swinging, banging and material damage.

Precise Acceleration

Magneclutch® simplifies acceleration of large inertia loads. Acceleration times and forces can be precisely limited with excellent repeatability.

Operational Stability

Since its clutching action is entirely magnetic and without friction-dependent mechanisms, the Magneclutch® retains operational stability throughout its operating range over a practically unlimited lifetime.


Unlike conventional clutches, the noiseless Magneclutch® is welcome in quiet areas like offices, labs and medical facilities. With no sliding or slapping parts, the Magneclutch® is a valuable tool in the machine designer's portfolio.

Controlled Repeatability

A Magneclutch® is ideal for applications with extreme cycle demands. It provides millions of exact stable cycles under complete control with the smoothest starts and the most gentle stops possible for machinery.

Lowest Cost

Equipment controlled by a Magneclutch® is protected from vibration, chatter and overload, extending its life and reducing its cost of ownership. Two-wire control simplifies installations for direct and easy to maintain remote control. Magneclutch® installation time and expense is minimal because bearings and shaft attachments for mounting are included. When all installation, downtime, maintenance, parts, replacement and servicing of other clutch types is considered, the Magneclutch® is the lowest cost clutch available.

Best for Test

When products must be observed under dynamic conditions, a Magneclutch® is the perfect interface for test equipment. A Magneclutch® handles the precise cycles required in production line testing with ease and reliability. It allows precision drive components to be tested with programmed speed-torque functions, and can provide versatile, flexible loads for all types of engineering tests under almost any environmental condition. The linear, two-wire control of every Magneclutch® allows automatic control of any test function.

Remote Control

Remote operation is simple with two-wire control and currents usually less than 500ma. The low power transfer allows control placement at a convenient operating point.