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How? It's simple. Friction clutches and brakes have long been used to regulate drive speeds and loads in most industrial applications. However, Magneclutches® and Magnebrakes® control tension, torque and acceleration with no wearing parts. There are no gears to grab and no pads to wear out.

The magnetic particle clutch was developed by the Vickers Corporation in 1948. It was first used as a speed control on generators for the Navy. Sperry later refined the control and its applications. Now, MAGNE continues the development of these magnetic particle products by improving product design, expanding applications and providing outstanding service.

The Magneclutch®

The Magneclutch® consists of only two moving parts, the inner rotating member, called the rotor, and the outer rotating member, called the drive cylinder. These rotating members do not touch. Each is cantilevered on two separate bearing sets. When the coil is energized, a magnetic medium forms chains between the rotor and drive cylinder and transmits torque. The transmitted torque varies with the magnetic field's strength. Since its clutching action is entirely magnetic - and without friction dependent mechanisms - the Magneclutch® retains operational stability throughout its operating range over a practically unlimited lifetime. In Addition, The Magneclutch® offers these benefits:

    • Automatic Tension Control

    • Simplified Material Handling

    • Precise Acceleration

    • Controlled Repeatability

    • Best For Test

The Magnebrake®

Like the Magneclutch®, the Magnebrake® offers complete control. Managed and regulated braking enables you to fully exploit the brake's verified capabilities for superior power regulation. Since the Magnebrake's® action does not involve unstable friction, it provides many quality advantages, including:

    • Continuous Slip

    • Uniform Reversing

    • Uniform Intermittent Motion

    • Tension Control

    • Temperature Stability

    • Precise Loading

    • Clean

    • Smooth

    • Quiet