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The Magnebrake® provides complete control. Complete brake control means managed and regulated braking action to exploit the brake's varied capabilities for superior power transmission. Since Magnebrake® action does not involve unstable friction, it provides many new quality advantages.

Continuous Slip

Magnetic force, not rubbing, creates braking torque, so the Magnebrake® can slip continuously without wear or loss of holding torque.

Uniform Reversing

Magnebrake® torque output is independent of slip speed, so that the torque setting remains constant as the Magnebrake® goes from maximum rpm forward to maximum rpm in reverse. Unlike friction brakes, the Magnebrake® never chatters or vibrates when reversing.

Uniform Intermittent Motion

Under Magnebrake® control, materials subjected to intermittent motions through reciprocating drives, indexing, ratchet or cam action, won't stretch or break. Magnebrakes® constant torque and holding force eliminate the uneven "stick-slip" phenomenon inherent in friction brakes.

Tension Control

A Magnebrake® makes unwind and payoff tension control simple and straightforward because torque output is directly proportional to current input. Open loop tension systems like roll diameter followers, or closed loop tension systems can utilize a Magnebrake® with either digital or analog electronic control techniques.

Long Life

Magnetic attraction and rugged construction make the Magnebrake® durable. With no rubbing parts subject to wear, the Magnebrake® has a virtually unlimited life expectancy.

Temperature Stability

The Magnebrake® eliminates brake fade. Operating at a fixed current, it shows no significant torque variation even over temperature extremes.

Precise Loading

Input current determines torque characteristics. Ramp, taper, trigonometric, exponential and cyclic load functions are simple to obtain.


The Magnebrake® will not contaminate its surroundings with wear products, making it perfect for processing items like surgical dressings, photographic film, or food stuffs.


The Magnebrake® doesn't subject your material or machinery to jerks, chatter or shake. It allows delicate process adjustment with infinite control.


Unlike conventional brakes, the noiseless Magnebrake® is welcome in quiet areas like offices, labs and medical facilities. With no sliding or slapping parts, the Magnebrake® is a valuable tool in the machine designer's portfolio.

Remote Control

Remote operation is simple with two-wire control and currents usually less than 500ma. The low power transfer allows control placement at a convenient operating point.