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Refurbish your magnetic particle Magneclutch or Magnebrake with a SELF REPAIR KIT available from MAGNE for almost new condition performance. Simply fill out the repair request below.

Self Repair Process

1. Fill out repair request form.

2. MAGNE will supply you with a Repair Kit  number and costs for your model.

3. Repair Kit is shipped for self repair.

Self Repair Kits Contain:

1. One measured charge of magnetic medium.
2. Powder seal
3. Bearings
4. Retaining rings
5. Gaskets

Parts included are normally the only parts needed to overhaul or repair a unit.

Clutch and Brake manuals contain complete maintenance and repair instructions. These manuals, together with clutch and brake Self Repair Kit, permit a user to repair their own unit.

Online Maintenance and Repair Manuals and Service Parts Information Manuals are available for download on the Magneclutch and Magnebrake model product page. Download files are located within the product page Download Resouces tab.

For factory repair and refurbish, please fill and submit Repair Request Form.

Self Repair Kit Request Form